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Bringing marketing projects to the “finish line,” ensuring that marketing dollars are spent efficiently and effectively.


Developing new LinkedIn Profiles that tell a compelling professional story and identify three actions that LinkedIn users can take each week to build their presence.


Producing and promoting Zoom webinars, as well as smaller in-person events. Finding the right balance for each client.


Working with business owners and professionals to draw out, hone, and craft their message. Then, we develop compelling collateral, such as award applications and speaking engagement proposals.


Bruce Segall has an emerging expertise in providing outsourced marketing director services for not-for-profit organizations.  He offers a strategic, outcome-driven approach at a fraction of the cost of a full-time resource.

Bruce also has significant experience in legal marketing. He focuses on marketing programs for attorneys and firms that are smart, impactful, and quick to market, yet are executed in a dignified manner.  




Smaller companies and organizations often struggle for the right message and formula to stimulate interest in their services They have limited budget and facility with new marketing tools. As the President of Marketing Sense for the past ten years, Bruce has helped clients communicate what is special about their brand and go on to execute pragmatic marketing campaigns that deliver tangible results.

Prior to 2010, Bruce spent over 15 years mastering marketing management at large companies, primarily MasterCard and Citibank. After these positions and prior to starting Marketing Sense, Bruce successfully adapted a more pragmatic approach as the full-time Director of Marketing for a boutique consulting firm. After becoming a business owner for the first time at age 51, he learned – first hand – how to step forward and build brands (both his and his clients), while doing so in a dignified way,


Bruce holds a BA from Yale and an MBA from Stanford. He is known for logic, balance and focus on both the big picture and the detail. He frequently writes and speaks on marketing topics.




Senior Law Day Collaborative

Coranet Corp.

Keane & Beane, P.C.

Waypoint Group

GrayWolf Consulting

Yonkers Downtown Waterfront BID

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